Rooney Road Recycling Center Authority Management Committee Meeting Agenda

10/10/2019 at 9:00 am

100 Jefferson Parkway, Golden, CO 80401

Lakewood Rm (5th Floor) 9am-12pm


Public Comment

9/12/2019 Meeting Summary Review and Approval

Treasurer’s Report

  • Budget Status/Review
  • Invoices, Funds Transfer

Evergreen Rotary Recycle Event

  • Event Debrief – The Good, The Bad, and Areas of Improvement

Comment Cards/Customer Feedback Review

Facility Manager’s Report:

  • Customer Participation Numbers
  • CESQG/Paint Only/Paint+HHW/HHW Only/E-Waste Only Breakdown
  • Material Quantity Totals
  • Tanner’s Notes

Facility Maintenance

Project Updates/Estimates/Proposals

  • Exhaust Fans Update
  • Trimmer Update & Request
  • Thermostat Update
  • Security Gate Update
  • Alarm system Update

2018 Retreat

Action Item Updates: Orange Circle Update

    • Contingency Plans Due to Lakewood & Arvada Ballot Measures
    • October Brand Workshop

Jefferson County Slash Collection

  • Status Report

3RC Foundation Updates

For the Good of the Order:

  • 2020 Budget discussion
  • Textile Recycling Contract Update
  • Phone Appointment Line Update
  • Add Website to Dept. of Local Affairs Inventory