Acceptable Materials

The Center accepts a variety of household chemicals which are then recycled, disposed of, or offered for reuse. Some examples include:

Antifreeze                         Alkaline Batteries           Automotive Batteries

Degreasers                       Oven Cleaners                 Rechargeable Batteries

Floor Cleaner                   Furniture Polish             Gasoline

Insecticide                        Lacquers                          Laundry Products

Moth Balls                       Photo Chemicals             Solvents

Paints and Stains            Radiator Fluid                Rodent Poison

Rug Cleaners                   Rust Remover                 Silver Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaners        Used Motor Oil               Oil Filters

Weed Killer                     Wood Preservative         Propane Cylinders

Unacceptable Material

Radioactive Material (Smoke Detectors)

Biological or Medical Material (Used Needles or Material Contaminated with Blood)

DEA Controlled Substances (Prescription Pain Killers)

Explosives (Fireworks or Ammunition)


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