About The Recycling Center

We protect what we love and make it easy for you to do the same.

The Rooney Road Recycling Center is a safe place to take hazardous chemicals that may be a threat to people, public health and infrastructure, and the planet.  The Rooney Road Recycling Center Authority is a group of nine local jurisdictions who operate the Rooney Road Recycling Center through an Intergovernmental Agreement.

By making the recycling center affordable, available, and accessible to Jefferson County residents (and Arvada residents in Adams County) we hope to keep our families, communities, and environment safe from harm.

We’re the local safety experts.

We are the only local facility that handles all types of household hazardous waste. We partner with other environmental, sustainability, and operational professionals to ensure the safety of our community and the ethical recycling or disposal of materials. Our facility and equipment are state-of-the-art, engineered to anticipate and manage potential emergencies and avert disasters.

We prioritize protection.

Our mission is to do good while doing no harm. This means we have the best equipment and technology to protect employees and customers who are at the facility doing what we’re all trying to do—the right thing. It also means we protect the environment. When hazardous materials are not properly recycled or disposed of, toxins can enter our ground, streams, and air. Over time, this causes a health and safety risk to a wide range of wildlife and plant species (not to mention humans), damaging our entire ecosystem.

We’re here for you.

We want to make our services accessible to all residents. We’re open at convenient times by appointment to reduce waiting in line. We keep our costs affordable, with subsidies from your local government (a small co-pay is required.) We offer free services, like our paint room. And we even provide curbside pickup (for a $40 co-pay) for elderly or differently-abled residents who are unable to drive to the center. Our programs benefit more than 575,000 front-range metro residents from the communities of: