Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Center located?
Answer: 151 South Rooney Road, check out our map on our Contact Us page.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?
Answer:  Household Hazardous Waste is anything you can purchase from a home improvement store, auto parts store, supermarket or landscaping nursery that you can not pour down the drain or throw in the garbage to dispose of.

Can I bring empty propane bottles?
Answer: Yes.

Can I drop off explosives or old ammunition?
Answer: No, call your local police department for proper disposal info.

How many pounds of household hazardous waste can I get rid of?
Answer: 75 pounds per visit, excluding free items.

Do you accept radioactive wastes (e.g. tritium, radium, U235)?
Answer: No.  Please call 303.371.1100 with this request.

Will someone help me unload household wastes from my car?
Answer: Staff will assist with the unloading of your vehicle.

I need to recycle my ___________. Where should I call?

Answer: Call your local jurisdiction.