Household Hazardous Materials

The Rooney Road Recycling Center will accept most types of household hazardous waste materials and electronics. Many household chemicals pose a serious health hazard if not properly handled, stored and disposed.

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Hours of Operation

The Rooney Road Recycling Center is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. by appointment only.

You can make an appointment two ways:

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Or, call 303-316-6262, during normal business hours

Location of the Center

The Rooney Road Recycling Center is located at 151 South Rooney Road, Golden, CO

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Items Recycled Free, by appointment, for Jeffco residents (and Arvada residents in Adams County) paid for by your local jurisdiction:

  • Motor Oil (Must be in containers ≤ 5 gallons)
  • Architectural Paint- residents’ architectural paint (≤5-gallon containers up to 200 gal total, meeting requirements)
  • Automotive Batteries
  • 1-pound propane cylinders

Cost and Limitations

Your chemical waste can be dropped of at the Center for $20 or picked up at your home for $30. You must schedule an appointment for drop off or pick up. Local jurisdictions pay the remaining 75% of the cost of recycling. Your payment helps to defray this expense and provide new and continued services. The Center accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.  Checks must be payable to the hazardous materials contractor, “Veolia”.

For your co-pay you can dispose of up to the following quantities:

  • 75 pounds of hazardous waste including but not limited to: aerosols, batteries, fertilizers, pesticides, non-THC vape pens, cleaners, antifreeze, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs.

Additional charges apply when quantity limits are exceeded.  Please call the appointment line or look for pricing on the appointment page for additional pricing information.

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Electronics Recycling

The Center accepts electronic materials to keep heavy metals out of the landfill. Computer parts and many other electronic components are hazardous waste. Unlike aluminum cans that are easy to recycle, the items listed below have additional processing costs to remove the metals and other hazardous components.

Computer Monitor      Computer Tower           Keyboard            Laptop                                      Power Supply               Printer                             Fax Machine      Televisions
VCR                                Stereo                               DVD Player        Wires

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Door to Door Pick Up

The Rooney Road Recycling Center offers door to door pick up service for those who are otherwise unable to drop their household hazardous waste at the facility.  The $30 co-pay allows residents the same quantity limitations as a facility drop off.  Door to door pick ups are typically scheduled one day a month.

» An appointment for door-to-door pickup can be made by calling 303-316-6262


Over 99% of the materials received at the Center are recycled or reused. Products that are in new or near new condition with good packaging and clear labels are offered at no cost to the public at HazMart. The HazMart is located at Rooney Road Recycling Center’s Hazardous Waste Facility. You may find some of these products available at HazMart:

  • Automotive Products (motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, wax and polish, power steering fluid)
  • Home Care Products (cleaning products, furniture polish, soaps, bleaches, glues)
  • Paints and Stains (various colors of latex paint, stain, exterior paint, varnish) are available in the PaintCare room
  • Lawn and Garden Care (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides)

Appointments are not necessary for HazMart; however it is only open during facility hours of operation which are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm.