Saturday, September 27th

12 pm to 3 pm

Free tours, food and activities!

Did you know we recycle household paint?  Motor Oil?  Cleaners and Pesticides? Stop by and see how it’s done.  We are the only household hazardous waste facility in Jefferson County!  We’re here to serve YOU!

Reminder:  Mandatory e-waste recycling began July 2013

It is a violation of the solid waste regulations for residents of Colorado to dispose of electronic waste in their trash. While it has been for many years and continues to be violation of the hazardous waste regulations for industry, businesses, and government agencies to dispose of any electronic waste that exhibits one or more characteristics of hazardous waste in municipal solid waste landfills, Senate Bill 12-133 bans landfill disposal of certain electronic wastes from households.

Electronics that are banned from disposal include:

computers & computer monitors, televisions, printers, fax machines, DVD & VCR players, Peripherals such as keyboards & mice, radios & stereos, video game consoles, laptops, notebooks, Ultrabooks, netbooks & tablets.

Do you have Household Hazardous Waste you want to recycle or dispose of?

The Rooney Road Recycling Center’s Hazardous Waste Facility can take care of you.
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Do you have Organic Material/Yard Waste you want to recycle?

PLEASE NOTE: Organics Recycling at 151 S. Rooney Road is Permanently Closed.
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Household Hazardous Waste

Many common household products cannot be thrown in the garbage or poured down the drain, making them difficult to dispose of.  The Rooney Road Recycling Center’s Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility offers Jefferson County residents a convenient, year round, location to recycle/dispose of items like:

  • Latex and Oil Based Paint
  • Cleaners and Pesticides
  • Motor Oil and Antifreeze
  • Electronics and Batteries
  • and more…

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