Prioritizing safety for all.

We are the hub for safely managing household hazardous waste. Improper disposal such as pouring chemicals down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or throwing items away, is very dangerous. We offer an ethical and responsible solution.

We safely store hazardous materials.

We separate items to prevent leaks, combustion, and other safety issues, and train our staff to safely handle and monitor all types of HHW. Our storage facility is state-of-the-art, with technology that mitigates damage should an accident occur.

We partner with experts for recycling and disposal.

We recycle 99%+ of everything we accept. We partner with Veolia, a waste management company that specializes in recycling and disposing of hazardous and regulated wastes with a mission of protecting people and the environment.

Customers simply collect, book, drop off, and pay:

Check around your house and garage and collect anything you think might be hazardous and require special handling. If you’re unsure, enter the item in question on our accepted items page. Then, book an appointment, bring in your stuff, and pay a small co-pay (thanks to participating local jurisdictions.)



General co-pays for most items are as follows. Exceptions apply, pricing varies. For exact costs for your specific items, please visit our pricing page or enter your item on our accepted items page.

Jefferson county residents with proof of residency


for the first 75 pounds

Then $1.75 per pound

Out-of-county residents


for the first 75 pounds

then $1.75 per pound plus a $0.25 per pound service fee


Non-residential customers can also use our facility. Non-residential customers include commercial, governments, and other VSQGs (Very Small Quantity Generators, defined as generating less than 220 pounds of HHW per month.)

PRICING VARIES. Please visit our pricing page for more information.

Free Items

  • Paint products: Oil  and latex house paint, primers, stains, sealers and clear coatings such as shellac and varnish. (up to 5 gallon containers, 200 gallons per visit)
  • (Spray paint is not included.)
  • Automotive batteries
  • Motor oil (up to 5 gallon containers)
  • Small camping propane cylinders (1 pound)