The 3RC Foundation

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The 3RC Foundation’s mission is to protect our communities and environment by providing a community-based pollution prevention program by serving as a regional recycling resource.

Check out this episode of Spotlight on Lakewood to find out more about the Center and Program benefits for our community.

The 3RC Foundation is the charitable entity that supports the Rooney Road Recycling Center and all of its efforts. We need your support to maintain our operations and engage more community members to recycle household hazardous waste.

Last year, the Center diverted over 570,000 pounds of household hazardous materials (over 99% of the total collected) from landfills. Annually, over 4,100 residents received this subsidized service with the partnering governments and Foundation paying approximately 70% of the cost of each visit. We are one of few centers in the state that recycles the majority of all hazardous waste materials collected.

Our goal is to provide a safe, affordable and convenient location that encourages environmentally-friendly recycling of hazardous household wastes benefiting the local community and the environment (watersheds, rivers, open spaces).

We want to encourage environmental “best management” practices for  recycling hazardous household wastes. If these materials are not safely recycled, they are washed down drains ending in wastewater treatment facilities or into local storm water drainage systems, deposited in overused landfills, or sitting in basements/garages with toxic or explosive potential. When materials are disposed of improperly, destruction of infrastructure, chemical interference with wastewater treatment, and physical harm to the public and environment may occur.

Program Needs:


Over the past 10 years we have seen a steady increase in our participation rates. Our goal is to continue providing programs at a subsidized rate to encourage residents to use the center. We are the only 501 (c) 3 non-profit recycling center in the state to provide subsidized recycling services for hazardous household waste.

Community Partnerships

Although we have made significant strides, we need your support now!  We need to strengthen and expand current community partnerships to reach a more broad based community coalition to achieve valuable environmental benefits. We have a community presentation available to share with your group. Please call us to schedule a tour of the Center; a general presentation; and/or an educational workshop related to household chemical recycling.

Organizational Development

We are looking for active volunteers and Board Members to support the organizational development efforts for program sustainability. Please email us at for additional information.

The programs provided benefit nearly 500,000 front-range metro residents from the communities of:

Colorado Association For Recycling Annual Meeting; Facility Tour October 2016

Colorado Association For Recycling Annual Meeting; Facility Tour October 2016