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Organic Materials & Yard Waste

The Organics Recycling Operation at 151 S. Rooney Road is closing on October 31st. The very successful and sustainable operation served 22,000 citizens in 2011 and recycled approximately 90,000,000 pounds annually of tree limbs, organic materials and construction lumber that would otherwise have been buried in the Jeffco landfill. The County’s press release is re-printed below and questions about the closure may be addressed to: Thea Rock, Communications Manager, Parks and Open Space, or 303-271-5902.

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Household Hazardous Waste

Many common household products can not be thrown in the garbage or poured down the drain, making them difficult to dispose of.  The Rooney Road Recycling Center’s Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility offers Jefferson County residents a convenient, year round, location to recycle/dispose of items like:

  • Latex and Oil Based Paint
  • Cleaners and Pesticides
  • Motor Oil and Antifreeze
  • Electronics and Batteries
  • and more

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